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It appears there are still snippets from mininano on my computer... Today I cleaned up two.

Title: gain. verb, used with object
Characters: Arthur/(Eames)
Genre: pre-slash
Rating: PG
Word Count: 350
Summary: At some point just getting Dom back to his kids is no longer enough.

He doesn’t quite know at what point it all becomes too much, if it’s the third time Mal shoots him or when Cobol sets a price on their heads. All Arthur knows it that at some point just getting Dom back to his kids is no longer enough.

He owes it to James and Philippa, though. Owes it to Mal, the real Mal, to give her kids their father back. It’s just that if he doesn’t find something else to focus on, some other goal, something for himself, it will be him and not Dom that is getting them both killed and that won’t be of use to anyone.

Money won’t do. If money could get him what he wanted he would have ditched Dom long ago. Other extractors may be less skilled but Arthur is high-profile in his own right. No. It’s not money. Money won’t do.

It all goes to hell while he still searches. Maybe, quite possibly, it goes even further to hell because he still searches. He misses a blip in his research and as professional as Dom and Eames are, they both trust his reputation too much to double-check his work and notice and Robert Fischer is militarized.

Everything goes to shit.

And then Arthur hovers over Eames, bantering lightly even though they have only ever done little except snipe at each other, even though the job is falling apart underneath them, and he thinks, oh.

And he thinks, If we make it out of this, I will give myself this man.

Because he may not have acknowledged that this is something he’s wanted, has been too preoccupied to think about it, really, but after two years on the run he’ll have earned it.

Provided Eames agrees. Which he will. Arthur’s pretty sure. And even if not, Arthur will have tried, which is the point. Trying with Eames, that’s his goal.

He sends Eames to sleep.

Something goes wrong on the first level and Yusuf can’t provide the kick. It doesn’t matter. Arthur has a goal now.

He sets about to conquer zero gravity.

Title: Knob
Characters: Eames/(Arthur)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 160
Summary: Nothing would have to change. Right.

Eames stood in front of the door to Arthur’s hotel room, hand poised for knocking.

There was a job – there always was a job, if you were Eames, and even if it wasn’t one Arthur would find especially challenging he could always argue that after all these years running around with Cobb he’d surely appreciate a smooth run he could relax in.

Rapping his knuckles on the door shouldn’t be hard.

He wasn’t at all sure why his body insisted this was hard.

Nothing had to change.

The night they’d had in New York – it didn’t have to change anything.

There was no need for anything at all to be different. This could be like any other time one of them had flown around the world to contact the other in person.


Hand to God.


Eames never would have survived doing what he did for as long as he had if lying to himself had been among his talents.

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