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In 2015, mayachain posted a measly ~14500 words of fic. This was partly because this year 14Valentines got cut short by going on vacation not even halfway through, partly because I wrote a lot of not!fics which I never posted anywhere, and because in mid-August I got hit over the head with original novel inspiration. There was very little fic writing after that until it was time for Yuletide.

Still, my LJ, DW and AO3 accounts have these eighteen posts:

eight one-shots, four new parts to the birthday!verse, four non-series sequels and two not!fics (that I deemed ok enough to be postable).

When all was said and done, there were five ficlets in my solo 14 valentines challenge, one Remix_Redux 12 contribution, one Yuletide gift and treat each, plus some more ficlets. That's not so bad, is it?

mayachain wrote in eight different fandoms, which is seven fewer than last year (but whatever): four for Stargate:Atlantis, Harry Potter and Leverage respectively, two for Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga and one each for Babylon Five, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Penny Dreadful and Auel's Earth's Children (do the not!fics count as halves?). The word count range this years is 107-3886 - both Yuletide, incidentally.

Can I pick a favorite? Hm... I loved writing Term of Engagement (and it promptly got remixed), but of the Leverage ones is maybe a little closer to my heart. I feel I learned some new things about Neville during and let you find me where I am (a birthday!verse entry), and loved exploring Miko/Biro some more in their valentine entries, particularly Pearl. Taboo, short as it is, is very harsh, but I stand by it.

I had the idea for Of Guardsmen, Empress Laisa and the Art of Trust in late October when the assignments were sent out, and wrote it down. Then Nano (oh my), after which I had a little trouble to pick it up in December and flesh it out enough in time; I hope I managed. Hashing out Ivan's To-Do List cocurrently and then deciding, whatever, let's make treat of it! was definitely the most fun I had writing this year, which made for a promising conclusion of 2015 writing-wise.

So, 18 fics and ficlets, ~14500 words, buuuuut -
I had the first original novel insiration worth a damn in over 10 years, planned out the rough draft, won NaNoWriMo with ~53260 words... That meant so much so me, and in the next few days, I plan to properly arrange all the scenes and get second-drafting. What do you have in store for me, 2016?

Wishing all readers a happy and healthy new year,
- mayachain
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In 2014, mayachain posted forty-one stories to LJ, DW and (well, mostly) AO3:

twenty-nine one-shots, five new parts to the birthday!verse, five non-series sequels and a mini-series in three parts.

The total word count was about 34700 words, which is ~1200 more than 2013's. Yay? This is partly due to me doing a solo 14 valentines challenge, Remix_Redux 11, posting every day during the SGA 10 years later challenge, actively looking for prompts, and writing three fics in three different fandoms for Yuletide/Yuletide madness.

mayachain wrote in fifteen different fandoms, which is four more than last year: sixteen for Stargate:Atlantis, eight for Harry Potter, three for Glee, two for X-Men, Leverage, Supernatural and Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga and one for Inception, Teen Wolf, Haven, Anne of Green Gables, Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty and an unrevealed fandom_stocking fandom respectively. The word count range this years is 100-3200. Several w.i.p.s got finished and progress made with some that I hope to finish soon.

It's hard to pick a favorite this year. Can I say I love it all? Maybe not Inch, or... no, even that. Mud Hook and A Life Most Impious and Wicked demanded rewrite upon rewrite, but 500-word Sign-on Bonus took the cake. My mind went the weirdest places with freighted with the memories of dreams and time and its semi-sequel a strange, far place. Consort and all told, on the up and up were my first times dealing with non-con/dub-con themes. And maybe I do love Resurgence, Solid Planks and Brynenes especially?

I have two ficlets for fandom_stocking left on my immediate to-do list, and at least one of them will get done. (The other is proving very stubborn.) There are other projects that are at various stages, January 9th is coming up, come February I'll see about another 14 Valentines... 2015, here I come!

Wishing all who've read this review (and even more so all who've read and enjoyed some of what the review was about!!) a happy new year,
- mayachain
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I didn't do any of these last year because my Mom was in the hospital and I had other things on my mind. This year is off to a far better start, so:

In 2013, mayachain finally switched her LJ name from ms_jvh_shuh to, well, mayachain, which had been her pen name everywhere else. She also posted some fanfic: twenty-nine fanfic posts total, of which there were twenty-two one-shots, six new parts to the birthday!verse, one drabble set in Bridges!verse. Two of the one shots were 14valentines contributions and the very ast one was for Yuletide.

The total word count of 2013 amounts to ~ 33500 words, which is ~1500 more than 2011 and almost twice of 2012's meagre ~18000. A lot of this is due to the huge amount of wip-finishing I managed to do during mini_nano. The word count range spans from 100 to 7770 words.

mayachain wrote in eleven different fandoms, four of which she had never written in before: eight for Stargate:Atlantis, seven for Harry Potter, five for the X-Men Movieverse, three for Inception and one for Anne of Green Gables, Scandinavian Fairytales, Teen Wolf, Vorkosigan Saga and Haven respectively. The dent made into the pile of w.i.p.s is freeing, although there is no lack of bunnies.

Despite the subject matter I had the most fun writing Residue. It was written in one go, as wasand in the hard place there was you and most of a fire horn for your journey. I'm especially proud of The troll that carried not its heart in its chest and Special Broadcast: For Remembrance (with Mine to shape and to belong and Our blessings one by one as runners-up, as well as a special mention going to 2012's remix' Ancient Missiles). Agents of any movement was perhaps the most challenging of them all. And finally, I cannot state enough what a relief it is to finally have posted Paradox (seven years in the making) On this journey your only heart (five years). ("Blessings" was four.)

So what will 2014 bring? Hopefully a healthier family overall, professional accomplishment, personal happiness and, of course, lots of writing! Wishing this (plus happy reading) for all her readers as well,
- mayachain
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In 2010, mayachain posted twenty-four fanfic posts to her name: fifteen one-shots, one 19 scenes AU snippet, three follow-up ficlets for Six Improbable Weddings, two new parts to the birthday 'verse, three fic-exchange contributions and eight stories inspired by somebody elses prompts.

The total word count amounts to ~32000 words, which is somehow only ~1500 less than 2010 despite the listlessness experienced throughout several parts of the year. The range has lengthened again, spanning from 302 to ~7283 words.

mayachain wrote in seven different fandoms: One lone X-Men Movieverse contribution, one shiny new Hawaii Five-0 fic, two for brand-new Yuletide fandom Once Upon A Time, three stories in the Harry Potter and Glee fandoms respectively, seven fics and ficlets for Inception and nine for Stargate:Atlantis, plus one crossover of those two. She feels heartened by the state of some of her w.i.p.s.

It's hard to pick one and say I had the most fun or feel most accomplished about it this year. To some degree, all are true for true for Less far than I can throw you, but also The Sheppard-Fischer Rooftop Assembly, The Miller's Daughter and - perhaps my favorite after all - A Sheppard Suite in Five Movements.

While the final word count turned out better than it could have, I managed to get less done than I was hoping to when the previous year began. However, with the amnesty granted by January 1st and the posting of Springtide for help_japan, I am ready to begin 2012 free of fic debt. Start as you mean to go on?

A happy new year to you all,
- mayachain
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In 2010, mayachain posted thirty-eight fanfic posts to her name, which made up twenty-eight seperate stories; one mini-series in six parts,  nineteen one-shots, one sequel to an AU started in 2008, two [ profile] mcsmooches, three follow-up ficlets for Honor Guard and four new parts to the birthday 'verse, four fic-exchange contributions and five stories inspired by somebody elses prompts.

The total word count amounts to ~33.500 words, which is really quite amazing considering how much time I spent on my master thesis and procrastinating by reading, not writing, fannish material. Compared to 2009, the range has narrowed somewhat, spanning from 250 to 4600 words. The birthday!verse is now ~7500 words long.

mayachain wrote in five different fandoms: One Yuletide fandom that shall remain nameless for another day, two stories in the X-Men Movieverse and Inception, respectively, seven ficlets and snippets for Harry Potter, and all of nineteen for Stargate:Atlantis. She feels saddened by the state of some of the w.i.p.s in her folder, but also accomplished about the amount of stories she got finished during the last two months.

I had the most fun writing my Yuletide story after my master thesis was finally done. Writing in this fandom was something completely different, and the revisiting of a canon that I hadn't laid eyes on for quite some time so I could do my recipient justice felt rewarding. Next to it, writing the remix of [ profile] gblvr 's Kiss it better was probably the most challenging thing I did writing-wise all year. Or maybe that was Femina Cursor Est, getting to know Runner!Teyla and the alternate universe in which she lived.

In light of what else went on this year, I think I did pretty well. If I'd actually signed up at [ profile] daily_writer each month instead of sporadically, progress would have been as constant as I hope it will be. There are a few w.i.p.s that are not stagnant, so there's plenty to do, plus I believe 2011 will, along with the unfamiliar RL experience of not being a student anymore, bring many new ideas!

A happy new year to you all,
- mayachain
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I reviewed my year in fanfic last year for the first time, and wow, did it take longer to sum up this year's works! Lots and lots of credits for this go to [ profile] twasadark for starting up [ profile] thedailywriter, because while the community mostly died after a few months, it got me into the habit of writing and/or editing a certain amount daily (weekly) and not stop. Here's to her and all the other daily writers!

mayachain's 2009 fiction of 2009 )
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I feel motivated to add my list of 2008 accomplishments to the ones I've seen around in places, because maybe reviewing what (little?) I have done before will inspire me to achive the same (but hopefully more) in 2009.

The list includes everything fanfic-related of mine that made it to the internets; half-finished and nearly-finished drafts cluttering up my drawer remain disregarded.

Let's try this number thing: )

A Happy New Year to you all!
- mayachain
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